Sally Jones, a former punk rock singer who joined ISIS after marrying a terrorist from the organization, was eliminated in a drone strike in Syria, according to The Sun. Jones, known as the White Widow after her husband’s death, was in charge of recruiting female terrorists to carry out attacks in the West.

Jones, aka the White Widow

Jones, aka the White Widow Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

One of ISIS’ top female recruiters, Sally Jones, also known as the White Widow, was eliminated in an American drone strike in Syria, The Sun reported Thursday. Before joining ISIS, Jones was a British punk rock singer. In 2013, she fled to Syria with her young son Joe “JoJo” Dixon. The condition of her son is unknown but sources with knowledge of the matter stated that if there was an indication that JoJo was near her, the drone strike would have been aborted.

In 2015, Jones’ husband, British hacker Junaid Hussain, was eliminated in an airstrike. Before fleeing to Syria, Hussain admitted to publishing Tony Blair’s address in 2011 and a year later, he was jailed for six months after he called the British anti-terrorism hotline with fake complaints.

Jones during her punk rock phase

Jones during her punk rock phase Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The couple used social media to recruit British citizens for the murderous terrorist group and urged them to carry out ISIS terror attacks in the UK. Jones even instructed them about which materials they would need in order to make a homemade bomb and claimed that she could remotely teach them how to assemble the explosive device.

After her husband’s death, Jones was named as the head of the female wing of the organization’s Anwar al-Awlaki unit, which plans and executes terror attacks in the West. She used her Twitter account to recruit female terrorists and even uploaded pictures of herself with guns. However, despite her various activities in the organization, it was reported in June that she was unhappy in Syria and wished to return to the UK.