According to a top Israeli minister, the Korean pledge to denuclearize the peninsula should help US President Donald Trump amend the Iranian nuclear deal because it will give him “more power against Iran” and show the EU that it is “the weak link in the coalition.”

Israel Katz

Israel Katz Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said Friday that the developments at the inter-Korean summit should put US President Donald Trump in a better position to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran. “He [Trump] will have more power against Iran now and maybe to convince the European Union not to be the weak link in the coalition,” Katz said in an interview with Reuters.

According to the senior Israeli official, if the North and South uphold their pledge to work together to denuclearize the peninsula, the nuclear arms race in the Middle East should de-escalate. “I think it will be very good if the North Koreans will finish and go out of the nuclear business and capabilities,” he explained. “It will also be good to our region, because there is a connection.”

Katz also mentioned Iran’s presence in Syria and the threat it poses to Israel. “Iranians don’t have to be in Syria. It is not to say we are going to attack every Iranian soldier in Syria, but bases, military bases, and munitions bases, and sophisticated missiles and other things like that? Yes,” he stated.

In January, Trump waived US sanctions against Iran but warned that it was the “last time” he would be doing so if the Iranian nuclear deal’s “terrible flaws” are not fixed. As the May 12 deadline for changes in the deal approaches, America’s European allies who signed the deal with the US are urging Trump to remain in the deal.

Earlier this week, Trump met with his French counterpart in Washington. Before their meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron spoke with Fox News about the deal. During the interview, he stressed that there is no “plan B” if the agreement is annulled. “My point is to say don’t leave now the JCPOA as long as you have not a better option for nuclear, and let’s complete it with ballistic missile and regional containment,” he told Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, referring to the nuclear deal by its official acronym.