J Street is trying to convince Republicans in Congress to “save the Iran deal.” The Jewish-American advocacy group has even recruited Israeli security experts to explain why the deal is good for Israel.

Save the Iran Deal

Save the Iran Deal Photo Credit: J Street campaign screen shot/Channel 2 News

The Jewish advocacy group J Street has launched a public and political campaign against US President Donald Trump. The lobby is protesting against Trump’s plan to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, which would give Congress 60 days to decide whether to reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

As part of the campaign, J Street is asking the public to convince members of Congress not to support Trump’s announcement, thereby thwarting the possibility of his announcement ending the deal. The campaign was mainly designed to target a small group of Republicans who are believed to be moderate in their views.

“President Trump’s expected announcement to Congress that the JCPOA is not in the US national security interest is a baseless and dangerous act of bad faith,” President of J Street Jeremy Ben-Ami said in a statement, calling the Iran deal by the acronym of its official name, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. “It will alienate the US from our key allies, undercut the credibility of American leadership and imperil our national security.” According to Ben-Ami, canceling the deal would “isolate the US, empower Iran and potentially put us on the path to another unnecessary and destructive war in the Middle East.”

As part of J Street’s large-scale campaign, the lobby members will make thousands of phone calls to the offices of senators and even bring Israeli security experts to Washington in order to explain why the deal is good for the State of Israel. “Working alongside our many partners and allies, J Street will do everything that we can to urge Congress to uphold this vital agreement, and to defeat any efforts to undermine it,” Ben-Ami added.