A restaurant in Manhattan will compensate a Jewish worker for 900 thousand dollars, following abuse the worker received for being Jewish from one of the restaurant’s managers.

“Mangia” restaurant in Manhattan

“Mangia” restaurant in Manhattan

A 57 year old Jewish man, who works as a delivery man for “Mangia” restaurant in Manhattan, will receive 900 thousand dollars compensation after being the subject of anti-Semitic jokes from one of the restaurant’s managers. According to him, the manager used to spray a spray in his face and say: “this is your Zyklon B, stinking Jew”.

According to Adam Wertzinsky, the restaurant’s evening shift manager, Athor Zboziin, used to abuse him regularly for his religion. According to him he would not quit despite the abuse because he began working at the restaurant at an older age and no one would hire him elsewhere.

According to the report in the “New York Post”, the delivery man had to explain to the jury what Zyklon B gas is. “I had to explain to the jury what the gas was used for during the Second World War because most of them were very young” Wertzinsky said. “They didn’t even know what it is. When I explained to them that the Nazis murdered the Jews with this gas in the gas chambers they all got very serious and quiet”.

“It is a moral victory”

Wertzinsky’s attorney claimed during the court preceding that other managers in the restaurant used to take money out of the tips jar, through the coins at him and called him “dirty Jew”. According to him, he answered the managers humorously that he had showered before coming to work and they replied: “no, you still smell like a stinking Jew”.

 The jury reached a decision just four house after hearing the arguments of the majority of restaurant workers who testified. Wertzinsky’s attorney said at the end of the trial that his client is still shocked by the verdict. “He was so happy that he won the trial” the attorney said, “it is a moral victory for him”.