North Korea’s official news agency reports that a month and a half after his last public appearance, Kim Jong Un was seen at the capital Seoul. A local newspaper released new photos of the tyrant, in which he is seen walking around with a walking stick

Kim Jong Un, back from the dead? Archive

Kim Jong Un, back from the dead? Archive Photo: RTR / Channel 2 News

North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, was seen tonight (Tuesday) in a first public appearance in a month and a half. According to the report of the country’s official news agency, Kim visited several news buildings in the Seoul.

Reuters news agency reports that a local paper in North Korea released new photos in which Kim is seen using a walking stick. According to the reports coming from Seoul, an explanation was not given to the young tyrant’s health condition.

The 31 year leader hasn’t been seen in public since September 3, but the report didn’t refer at all to Kim’s disappearance. During the period in which he disappeared from the public eye, he missed an event that is considered essential for North Korean tradition – the annual visit to the temple named after his father – Kim Jong-il.

Following his mysterious disappearance, rumors began about his health condition. Some of the rumors were about his deteriorating health condition, while others pointed to him being ousted from his position.

The rumors were fed by North Korean reports. Last July, unusual photos were published, in which the young tyrant is seen walking with a limp during a public royal event marking the 20 year anniversary of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung’s death. It was also reported in local media that the leader gained significant weight, since he began to rule in 2011, after his father died of a heart attack.

Earlier this month, a North Korean refugee, who held a senior position in the dictatorship’s intelligence services, told Dutch reporters that the 31 year old dictator was already overthrown a year ago by officials keeping faith to his father, and he is used as a puppet ruler under their orders.