Security cameras at Moscow’s Slavyansky Bulvar metro station recorded the moments when a bus slammed into pedestrians on Monday. According to the reports, five people were killed and over 10 were injured. Police are still investigating the accident.

Watch: Moscow bus slams into pedestrian underpass

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Five people were killed in western Moscow on Monday when a bus plowed into a subway station after the driver lost control of the vehicle. According to reports, about a dozen people were injured and evacuated to local hospitals.  

The accident occurred at the entrance to the Slavyansky Bulvar metro station, one of the busiest stations in Moscow. According to the reports, the bus veered off the road, driving through a crosswalk and eventually descending onto the steps of a pedestrian underpass.

The bus in Moscow

The bus in Moscow

Moscow police reported that some of the people who were killed were passengers on the bus. The others were on the steps when the crash occurred. Russia’s RIA news agency reported that the police are still investigating the incident but have already narrowed the cause of the accident to two possibilities- either the bus’ brake system malfunctioned or a car surprised the bus driver and caused him to lose control of the bus.