North Korea’s television broadcasts are reporting a huge wave of young citizens who are joining the army in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s threats. “Let’s knock down this madman who is worse than life,” one of the country’s youth leaders said.

Watch: Large wave of North Korean students signing up for army

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The growing tension between North Korea and the US is not only expressed in statements made by the two countries’ respective leaders, but can also be felt on the ground. In recent days, North Korean TV has reported a wave of young recruits and volunteers to the national army. According to the national television network KRT, no fewer than 4,700,000 young people have signed a volunteer military order.

Kim Chul Jung, secretary of the Mangyongdae Youth Committee, called US President Donald Trump “an old cannibal” and said that “according to his crude speeches, he intends to destroy us, which increases our students’ hatred and anger by a billion. Let’s knock down this madman who is worse than life. Let’s erase the US, a country of gangsters.”

The North Korean news report also introduced head of the youth department of the North Hwanghae province Kim Song Hook, who said that “even if we eliminate Trump, who makes ridiculous and insane speeches, it will be impossible to calm the anger of our young people and our desire for revenge.” He added that “our young people are signing forms for joining the Korean People’s Army and are awaiting orders from our Supreme Leader.”

Last week, North Korea’s Kim Jong-un said he was preparing for “the most extreme” steps in history against the United States in response to Trump’s threats to destroy his country. In recent months, North Korea’s military has been conducting missile tests capable of hitting US targets and continuing to develop its nuclear program despite sanctions and threats made from its closest ally, China.