According to satellite imagery, North Korea is moving along on its ballistic missile submarine, which experts say may threaten US cities such as LA and Chicago.

A ballistic missile submarine

A ballistic missile submarine Photo credit: Reuters/CNN/Channel 2 News

North Korea is developing a ballistic missile submarine, as indicated by satellite imagery published on 38 North.

According to a report on Newsweek, US intelligence officials are closely monitoring the construction of the submarine, named SINPO-C. If it is completed, it is expected to be the largest vessel in the possession of the North Korean army.

In addition to submarine components, the images also show what appear to be launch canisters, which may suggest that North Korea is planning a ballistic missile experiment similar to the one it conducted in July.

Experts told CNN that the launch of ballistic missiles from a North Korean submarine could potentially threaten US cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver.