Especially high temperatures prevail in the southern part of the country already for a month and a half but this past week transformed the heat wave to be fatal. Over 500 people are already dead and the Indian government called on residents to stay in their homes.

India this week

India this week Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2

A fatal heat wave occurred in India.  Over 500 people were killed as a result of the heat wave prevailing in the country since April.  The Indian government called on the residents to stay in their homes.

Most of the incidents involving death occurred in the southern part of the country in areas like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  Despite the fact that the heat wave has continued one month and a half, most of the deaths occurred last week.

“Most of the victims were people over age 50 that were directly exposed to the sun,” P. Tulsi Rani, the special commissioner for Andhra Pradesh’s disaster management department, explained.  “We call on residents to take precautions such as wearing a hat and drinking large amounts of water.”

In the city of Calcutta, they decided that taxis without air conditioning can’t operate during the heat of the day, after two drivers died from cardiac arrest.

The meteorological services within the country reported that the extreme weather conditions are expected to continue a few more days and were caused by the fact that no rain fell during this period of time.