Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday. The residents were warned by the island’s public safety commissioner that if they do not evacuate, they will die.

Damage in Puerto Rico

Damage in Puerto Rico Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

On Wednesday, Puerto Rico residents made their final preparations ahead of Hurricane Maria’s arrival. The storm is currently a category 4 and eventually made landfall near the city of Yabucoa.

Most of the island’s residents are still recovering from Irma, the powerful category 5 storm that destroyed about 70% of the buildings in Puerto Rico, but fled again to hurricane shelters due to Maria. “The cities look like ghost towns,” said a resident. “We are taking more safety precautions after Irma.”

The worst part of Maria is expected to slam the island over the next few hours. “You must evacuate,” the island’s public safety commissioner told the public. “Otherwise, you will die.”

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello warned the island’s residents about the devastation that the storm is expected to bring. “It is going to hit all places in Puerto Rico with strength and power that we’ve not seen over the past generations,” he stated. “We will lose a lot of infrastructure that we will need to rebuild.”