In a two-hour long speech in Moscow on Thursday, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced his country has developed a new generation of nuclear-capable weapons immune to enemy defenses. “You have failed to contain Russia,” declared Putin.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin Photo Credit: EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Moscow has developed and tested a range of new nuclear-capable weapons designed to overcome all enemy defenses.  Putin said these weapons included a nuclear-powered cruise missile and an underwater drone.

Speaking in Moscow on Thursday, Putin claimed that Russia’s new weapon developments had an unlimited range and were capable of reaching any target while bypassing interception. Putin also addressed US military developments and claimed Washington was working “at full speed” to bolster its interceptive missile technology and deploy it around the globe. Because of this, Putin said Moscow has equipped all its new weaponry with systems specifically aimed to defeat the US missile defenses.

The Russian president, who delivered the two-hour televised speech ahead of the upcoming presidential election, clarified that Moscow considers any use of nuclear weapons against its allies as an attack on Russia itself.  “The response would be immediate,” he stressed.

Putin also addressed those he claimed sought to rein in Moscow’s development with “unlawful” sanctions. “You have failed to contain Russia,” said Putin, adding that those who “ignored” Russia in the past “will listen now.”

The Russian president is currently seen as the leading contender in the March 18 election. With little to no opposition, recent polls suggest that around 70% of Russians intend to vote for Putin, whom if elected for a fourth term would be the country’s longest-serving leader since Joseph Stalin.