According to a report in a Turkish newspaper, the US was supposed to ship 10 UAV’s to Turkey, but in light of reports that Turkey revealed an Israeli spying ring in Iran, congress cancelled the shipment

US punishing Turkey?  Obama and Erdoğan

US punishing Turkey? Obama and Erdoğan Photography: AP

While tensions between Israel and Turkey have risen following the alleged exposure of Mossad activity against Iran, the American congress has cancelled a shipment of 10 UAV’s to Ankara – so reports yesterday (Tuesday) Turkish newspaper “Taraf Daily”.

Last week, the “Washington Post” reported that Turkish government exposed to Iranian authorities the identities of 10 Iranian spies working for Israel in the Islamic republic, and accusations were pointed at head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan.

According to the report in “Taraf Daily”, the claims against Fidan begin in 2010 when the national Turkish intelligence agency suspended relations with Israeli Mossad and shared information about the Mossad with Iran.

In response to Turkey’s moves, the report claims, the US cancelled a shipment of drones that the Turks have been waiting for since June of last year. The American congress decided not to fulfill Anakara’s request, due to the close relations between the Turkish intelligence and the intelligence services in Iran.

According to sources in Turkish government, the timing of the publications of Fidan’s alleged actions in American press is related to the fact that  a NATO company in Turkey chose to make a deal to buy aerial defense systems and missile systems form a Chinese company – that Washington has imposed sanctions on.  

The same sources in Turkish government further noted that the timing of the publication also related to Obama’s decision to delay military action in Syria and the agreement between Russian and the US on the Syrian chemical weapons issue. According to them, in the event of military action the CIA, Mossad and Turkish intelligence were planning to cooperate and Turkey was supposed to play a key role in directing the Syrian opposition. Delaying the attack in Syria decreased the need for cooperation between the 3 intelligence agencies.