Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has condemned his American counterpart, saying that the Iranian people “don’t need sympathy from someone who calls them terrorists.” During a cabinet meeting on Sunday, Rouhani addressed for the first time the anti-government protests in Iran. While Rouhani said that the Iranians have the right to protest, he stressed that the demonstrations must remain peaceful.

Hassan Rouhani

Hassan Rouhani Photo Credit: EPA

On Sunday evening, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani addressed the anti-government protests across his country for the first time. During a cabinet meeting, he said that the Iranian people have the right to criticize the government and stage protests but also stressed that the demonstrations need to remain peaceful.

Rouhani then slammed US President Donald Trump for voicing his support for the protests and condemning the Iranian government. “The Iranian people don’t need sympathy from someone who calls them terrorists,” he said. “The Iranians understand that there are sensitive situations. We will act in accordance with the interests of Iran.”

Meanwhile, Iranian media outlets are reporting that some 200 protesters were arrested today. At least three protesters were killed last night in the protests in Dorud. According to an Iranian official, the protesters were killed by either foreign agents or Sunni militants, Reuters reported on Sunday.