Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned Russian nationals to rethink the risks of traveling abroad in a statement on Thursday. The ministry claimed the US was “hunting” for Russians to arrest around the world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin Photo Credit: EPA

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued an unusual travel warning on Thursday, cautioning its citizens that the US is “hunting” Russians globally. The statement, published on the ministry’s website, urged Russian citizens to rethink the risks of traveling abroad.

According to the warning, US Special Services were searching for and arresting Russians around the world. After being detained, Russians risked extradition to the US, where they would face its “prejudiced” justice system. The ministry claimed that over 10 Russians had been apprehended around the world with US involvement since the start of 2017, including four who were arrested on cyber-crime charges.

The ministry mentioned the arrest of cyber-crime suspect Stanislav Lisov in Spain in January 2017, who was later extradited to face charges in the US. In addition, the statement described the arrest of convicted Russian hacker Roman Seleznev in the Maldives in 2014 as an “abduction” by American agents.

Last month, the US State Department issued a travel advisory of its own, suggesting that US citizens “reconsider travel” to Russia due to the risk of terrorism and harassment. “US citizens are often victims of harassment, mistreatment, and extortion by law-enforcement and other officials,” read the statement. “US consular assistance to detained individuals is often unreasonably delayed by Russian officials.”