After several weeks of searching for 2 missing girls in the Russian city of Volzhsky, police arrested a man who is suspected of cutting up the victims’ bodies and feeding them to dogs.


Maslennikov Photo credit: Russian Police/ Channel 2 News

This week, a 31-year-old Russian male was detained for suspicion of raping and murdering 2 women. According to reports, he then fed their body parts to dogs. The suspect was released from prison in May, after serving an 11-year-sentence due to charges of assault, robbery and rape.

According to Russian television, Alexander Maslennikov cut the victims’ bodies into pieces before feeding them to hungry dogs and scattering the remains in a forest. 28-year-old Olga Shaposhnikova and 29-year-old Daria Labutina were considered missing for over 2 weeks. The 2 were last seen leaving a club in the city of Volzhsky with the suspect.

The victims

The victims Photo credit: East2west News/ Channel 2 News

According to the investigators, Maslennikov confessed to murdering the women. After driving the victims home, he stabbed and cut up their bodies. Police are still examining reports of the alleged rape and the possibility that he minced some of their remains.

Friends and family of the victims are still in shock, as the girls rarely went out together and both had partners. Police arrested Maslennikov in a city near Moscow, where he was dating another woman who officers believe could have been his next victim.