Recent reports from inside Iran demonstrate that while Rouhani condemned the attack upon the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Consulate, the Iranian regime’s plainclothes thugs were the ones that stand behind attacking them.

In the wake of reports that the Saudi Embassy and a Saudi Consulate in Iran were attacked and the Saudis have now cut off ties with Iran, Iranian sources explained to JerusalemOnline the root of the recent tensions between the two countries. Iran was outraged that Saudi Arabia executed Shia Arab activist Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr. However, unlike the perception in certain circles in the West, who portrayed him like a Shia rights activist, Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr was actually an Iranian operative who sought to overthrow the Saudi regime.

In a video clip that was exposed by MEMRI, Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr proclaimed that Crown Prince Nayef “will be eaten by worms and suffer the torments of hell in his grave. Nayef did not retire so the Angel of Death had to take his soul in order to rid us of him.” He essentially praised and glorified the death of the Saudi Crown Prince before condemning the Saudis for going after Shias in Bahrain and claiming to be confronting Iran but not going after the Zionists in Palestine. Walid Shoebat reported that Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr has supported Shia protests allied to Iran in Saudi Arabia against the regime that resulted in the death of at least 20 people since 2011.

According to Iranian dissident Reza Parchizadeh, Western claims that Shia Nimr Al Nimr was a Shia rights activist are not accurate: “He was an Iranian regime functionary in Saudi Arabia, who engaged in clandestine acts for overthrowing the Saudi government. Back in 2012, the IRGC pushed this Shia cleric to stage a revolution in Eastern Saudi Arabia. He used to stay in Iran for 10 years before that. He was an advocate of the mullah’s system of rule. He was a functionary and that is why he was executed. He was no human rights activist.” Parchizadeh stressed that Iran did not care so much about the Sunnis that Iran executed but the Iranian regime was outraged by Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr’s execution, which led to the attack upon the Saudi Embassy and the Saudi Consulate: “What is happening in Iran is mainly the Basij and the plainclothes attacked the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate in Mashad. Basically, it is the regime attacking the Saudis.”

Iranian human rights activist Shabnam Assadollahi added: “Over 3500 people have been hanged by the Iranian regime since 2011. No one protested against it but when a Shia cleric who was propagating for the Iranian regime is executed among 46 Sunnis, the regime is outraged by the one Shia execution even though he was sent there to start unrest in Saudi Arabia.”

Evidently, even though Parchizadeh stressed that most Iranians are opposed to their regime, Assadollahi related that many ordinary people inside Iran are outraged by the Saudi executions as “the Iranian regime has given wrote information. They said that all the 47 executed people were part of the Shia group. Nevertheless, people are against the violence and condemned the mob’s attack. The ordinary people went to Palestine Street in order to demonstrate. The Mashad attack was orchestrated by Ansar Hezbollah under the leadership of mob leader Hamid Ostad. They are part of the Basij.” According to a book titled “Iran in crisis? The Future of the Revolutionary Regime and the US response,” Hamid Ostad is a local leader in Mashad and he claimed: “We operate under the command of the Supreme Leader.” According to Assadollahi, there were also ordinary people demonstrating in other locations but it was the regime that committed the terror and went after the Saudi Embassy by setting it ablaze and storming it.

According to Assadollahi, the Tehran City Council just changed the name of a street next to the Saudi Embassy to Sheikh Nimr Street in order to glorify the late Iranian operative in Saudi Arabia. She added that the attack on the Saudi Embassy was very similar to the attack on the British Embassy within Tehran in 2011: “Iran has a history of violating diplomatic missions inside Iran. The Iranian regime, the Shia version of ISIS, has changed the name of a street near the Saudi Embassy after a Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Al Nimr who always said that the Shias should rejoice in the death of Crown Prince Nayef. Suddenly, he became the martyred ayatollah.”

“Although the execution of any human being is wrong, the Iranian regime continues to execute three Iranians on a daily basis,” Assadollahi added. “The outraged Iranians inside Iran have never advocated for the plights of the Sunnis and other minority groups in Iran but of course when one of their own thugs gets executed by a Sunni country, the regime mobs storm the embassies without even being stopped by the Iranian regime’s morality police. Iranians inside Iran have not even protested against the mass executions by the Iranian regime, nor has the mainstream media published many articles about the executions of over 3500 Iranians since 2011. But it seems that mainstream media journalists are united in bringing the attention of the executions of Shiite Saudis and giving more publicity to the outcries of the Shiite regime in Iran.”

“Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, who is known for his charm offensive and diplomacy, stated that the Saudi Embassy attack was ‘totally unjustifiable’ and branded the attackers as “extremists.” while to the contrary, he condemned Saudi Arabia’s execution of Nimr Al Nimr who repeatedly and publicly said: ‘We Should Rejoice in the Death of Crown Prince Nayef.’ Reportedly, the newly executed Saudi Shiite leader was one of Iran’s key thugs who was sent by Iran to start division among the Shiite and Sunnis inside Saudi Arabia creating a new unrest in that area which was initially started in 2011. While the uncivilized Shiite Iran regime mobs, the Basij, and the Ansar ul Hezbollah members enjoy storming embassies in Tehran, the liberal government of Canada insists to have diplomatic relations with this dangerous regime and plans to re-open the Canadian Embassy in Tehran and the Iranians Embassy in Ottawa, putting Canadians lives at risk.”

Street in Iran named after Sheikh Nimr

Street in Iran named after Sheikh Nimr Photo Credit: Shabnam Assadollahi

Saudi Arabian Embassy after being attacked by Iran

Saudi Arabian Embassy after being attacked by Iran Photo Credit: Shabnam Assadollahi