18 senior White House officials and close associates of US President Donald Trump told the Washington Post that the president has had disastrous “outbursts” over the past few days, which could seriously harm his administration’s legislative agenda. Trump is extremely angry about not being receiving enough credit for handling the recent hurricane crises, according to the report.


Trump Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US President Donald Trump has made recent headlines for being involved in several public feuds, the latest being the wars of words with Republican Senator Bob Corker and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, and sources in Washington are now claiming that many officials are extremely concerned about the president’s behavior. On Tuesday morning, the Washington Post reported that Trump is disappointment with his cabinet and furious that he is not being commended for his decisions and actions.

According to the report, the president is demanding to be recognized for his handling of the three hurricanes that hit the US and its territories. After he did not receive the desired gratitude, he lashed out at his aides and senior Republican officials in a manner that will likely harm his legislative initiatives, according to 18 senior White House officials and outside advisers, who are presenting a very unsettling picture.

The sources said that Trump has had several “outbursts” over the past few days, leaving his stunned aides, including Chief of Staff John Kelly, to deal with his destructive behavior. The report adds that Trump was especially enraged after it was reported that US Secretary of State called him a “moron.”

According to the report, one of Trump’s close associates compared the president to a “whistling teapot” and said that when Trump does not cool down, “he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode.” Trump also told his aides in the White House that he is worried about a decline in his popularity among supporters and accused the Republican Party of failing to implement his agenda.

Republican Senator Bob Corker

Republican Senator Bob Corker Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

US Vice President Mike Pence defended Trump in an official statement to the press Monday night, criticizing the “empty rhetoric and baseless attacks” against the president. Pence praised Trump’s actions against ISIS and North Korea. “President Donald Trump has restored the credibility of American power,” he said. “Today, our nation once again stands, without apology, as leader of the free world. That’s what American leadership on the world stage looks like and no amount of criticism at home can diminish those results.”

Despite Pence’s statement, many in Washington are still worried about the social media spat between Trump and Corker, viewing it as the beginning of a downward trend. One Trump confidant stressed that Corker has many friends in Congress, more than those who support Trump, and the war of words between them could hinder the advancement of legislation.