US government sources claim that US President Donald Trump will not impose additional sanctions on Iran and he also plans to extend the current sanctions relief by several months. However, a senior-level official asserts that Trump is still weighing all options until the deadline, which is this Friday.

Trump to extend sanctions on Iran, Archive

Trump to extend sanctions on Iran, Archive Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

Despite US President Donald Trump’s outright opposition towards what he has called “the worst deal ever,” he is expected to extend the nuclear deal-linked economic sanctions relief for Iran, the Associated Press (AP) reported on Wednesday evening. According to six different sources, Trump will prolong the sanctions relief for Iran by Friday – the deadline. However, it seems that Trump will impose sanctions on private individuals and businesses instead.

A senior-level US government official stated that Trump is still weighing all of the options and has not yet reached a decision concerning the matter. On Thursday, he is supposed to meet with his advisers in order to reach a decision.

According to the AP report, Trump will most likely accept his advisers’ recommendations and will extend the nuclear deal-related sanctions relief by at least four months. Furthermore, the AP also reported that Trump’s senior-level advisers recommended that he prolong the current situation by 120 days while simultaneously utilizing new measures to punish Tehran for its ballistic missile program, its support of terrorism and human rights violations.