The dispute between the leaders of the US and North Korea seems to be descending to new lows. The US President on Sunday responded to Kim Jong Un’s ‘old’ remark by saying he would ‘never’ call Kim ‘short and fat.’

Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The ongoing dispute between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has just reached a new low.

After the North Korean foreign ministry denounced Trump’s Asia tour and referred to him as a ‘dotard’ – an archaic insult for an elderly man – Trump tweeted that he would never call Kim “short and fat.”

“Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me ‘old,’ when I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat?’ Oh well, I try so hard to be his friend – and maybe someday that will happen,” Trump wrote from Vietnam, where he is participating in an economic conference.

Meanwhile, Trump also stated that he discussed the North Korean threat with Russian President Vladimir Putin and that “progress” has been made.