A large-scale joint air exercise was launched over the Korean Peninsula on Sunday. It was designed to improve the cooperation between the US and South Korean air forces in wartime and will include 230 aircraft. Pyongyang has warned against the move, which it says is part of the US’s “nuclear war craze.”

Watch: Pyongyang’s response to the joint military drill

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The US and South Korean militaries launched a large-scale joint air drill on Sunday night, according to a statement issued by the Defense Ministry in Seoul. The drill, dubbed Vigilant Ace, began less than a week after Pyongyang’s latest missile launch, which reportedly demonstrated an unprecedented breakthrough in its ballistic missile capability.

The annual drill is expected to last five days and will include a total of 230 aircraft that will operate from various locations. North Korea has warned against the pre-planned air drill, saying it could lead to a nuclear war. Seoul’s Defense Ministry spokesman said during a press conference that the drill was designed to enhance the operational cooperation between the US and South Korea during war.

Massive joint drill in the Korean Peninsula

Massive joint drill in the Korean Peninsula Photo Credit: US Air Force/Channel 2 News

As previously reported by JOL, the UN Security Council convened on Wednesday night to discuss the latest North Korean missile launch. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley warned that the isolated dictatorship’s recent actions have brought “the world closer to war” and issued a direct threat to Pyongyang: “If war comes, make no mistake, the North Korean regime will be utterly destroyed.”