In a statement on Friday, the US Department of Justice revealed that Iranian hackers broke into university professors’ accounts both in the US and overseas.

Photo credit: Flickr

The US Justice Department says it will indict nine Iranian individuals who were part of a hacking ring that stole classified information from over 100 US universities and government agencies.

The indictment links the individuals to the Iranian government, saying they acted on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. “The government of Iran systematically and methodically hacked into our country’s computer networks with the intent to steal as much information as possible,” said Geoffrey Berman, the US attorney for the Southern District of New York.

Berman called the scheme “a massive and brazen cyber-assault” and “one of the largest state-sponsored hacking campaigns ever prosecuted.”

According to court documents, the hackers sent emails to their targets, posing as fellow professors expressing interest in a recently published work. The emails contained links to malicious websites that would steal the user’s login information.