A serious technical mishap on a small single-engine engine plane forced the pilot to land in the middle of a Florida street among moving traffic. Although the incident ended in a crash, the pilot and passenger managed to safely extricate themselves. The entire event was taped by a police car’s camera near the scene.

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After a serious malfunction was detected on a single-engine plane in Florida, the pilot was forced to conduct an emergency landing on an intercity road. A nearby police car’s camera recorded the aircraft bobbing in the air several meters above the moving vehicles until finally, it crashed on the ground. The pilot and passenger survived the accident and are safe and sound.

The video shows the single-engine plane flying very low just above a Clearwater, Florida road when suddenly, it swerves to the left at a sharp angle and floats past the police car. The two police officers in the car responded quickly to the incident and drove to the plane just in time to see the pilot, who also owns the plane, and the passenger extricating themselves from the aircraft – shocked and stirred, but healthy.

Footage from the plane crash

Footage from the plane crash Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

The sheriff’s office stated that the pilot took off from Clearwater Airport towards Zephryhills, located about 80 kilometers away, but after takeoff, the pilot reported on the communication system that something was off and turned back towards the airport. After a short investigation, it turned out that an engine issue caused the crash.