Today, the Israeli aid delegation, made up of 70 IDF soldiers and officers, arrived in Mexico following the disastrous earthquake. The delegation began assisting rescue efforts of 2 sites that collapsed in Mexico City.

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Today, the Israeli aid delegation arrived in Mexico and joined the rescue efforts in Mexico City, the country’s capital. The delegation is operating with 2 of the 38 teams in the city and is currently assisting rescue efforts in a school that was badly damaged by the earthquake.

The delegation is made up of about 70 IDF soldiers and officers, most of whom are reservists, from the military’s Home Front Command and Israeli Air Force. The delegation includes engineering experts, who will help estimate the damage caused by the earthquake and assist the local forces in the rescue operations. The Israeli delegation is the fourth to arrive in Mexico after Honduras, El Salvador and Panama. American and Spanish delegations are also expected to arrive.

Fourth delegation in Mexico

Fourth delegation in Mexico Photo credit: Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry/ Channel 2 News

The main rescue efforts are focused on schools that collapsed while students were inside. According to the Mexican Education Ministry, more than 2,000 public schools were hit by the earthquake. 30 students are still missing. During the night, rescue forces managed to locate a 12-year-old girl stuck under the rubble of a school. The girl was given oxygen and water before telling local news that she can touch 2 other students but cannot tell if they’re alive.