An Israeli man who owns a restaurant in Berlin was subjected to an anti-Semitic attack by a German man. The video of the incident has gone viral.

Watch: Yorai Feinberg attacked by anti-Semitic man
Video credit: German media

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An Israeli restaurant owner living in Berlin, Germany, was verbally attacked by a local this week after placing a Hanukkah menorah on his display window.

“In 5-10 years you people will not be here any longer,” the man, who appears to be in his 60s, told Yorai Feinberg. “Why are you even still coming here after 1945? We killed six million of you, what reason is there for you to be here?”

“It’s my restaurant,” Feinberg said when asked why the menorah was there. “Well, it’s my land,” the man replied.

Following the incident, representatives of the Israeli embassy in Germany visited the restaurant and offered their support to Feinberg.

Heiko Maas, the German Justice Minister, tweeted, “This totally unbelievable and inexcusable incident in Berlin shows that we all must face up with determination and courage against anti-Semitic agitation.”