A week after the social network Twitter was blocked from access in Turkey, Internet users there are reporting that they are unable use the video sharing site Youtube. Google has said that they are investigating the complaints.

Youtube blocked in Turkey

Youtube blocked in Turkey : AP / Channel 2

Following the blocking of the short messaging social network Twitter a week ago, reports have come out today from Turkey with Internet users claiming that they are unable to access Youtube.

The Turkish communications body has stated that it had ‘taken administrative steps’ against Youtube. After the message from the governmental body, the reports began to emerge on the blockage to Youtube.

In a statement from Youtube’s parent company Google, their spokesman said that, ‘We have seen reports from many users claiming that they are unable to enter Youtube in Turkey. Since we have not found any technical problems in our systems, we are now checking the situation in the field’.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently announced that he would target the social media sites of Twitter and Youtube, claiming that they were being used to attack him. A recording, allegedly of Erdogan and his son, was released via social media wherein the two were heard discussing how to hide illicit funds. Erdogan has complained that the social media sites and the attacks are part of a conspiracy against him by his enemies in the lead up to the upcoming elections.