Zimbabwe’s army has taken control over the state TV station ZBC and announced that they are targeting “criminals” surrounding President Robert Mugabe.

Watch: The army’s announcement on TV

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Armed forces on Wednesday patrolled the streets of Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, in what many believe to be a military coup against President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

In an announcement on the state-run television station ZBC, a military official denied the coup allegations and assured that the 93-year-old president is safe.

Soldiers in the streets of Harare

Soldiers in the streets of Harare Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

“We wish to make it abundantly clear that this is not a military takeover of government,” the official said. “We are only targeting criminals around (Mugabe) who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the country in order to bring them to justice.”

“As soon as we have accomplished our mission, we expect that the situation will return to normalcy,” he added.