Following the Paris Peace Conference, Balochi Muslim dissident Ashraf Sherjan made a youtube video explaining why he as a Muslim supports Israel and why the rest of the world should follow his example.

Ashraf Sherjan shows solidarity with Israeli terror victims

Ashraf Sherjan shows solidarity with Israeli terror victims Photo Credit: Ashraf Sherjan

After the Paris Peace Conference, exiled Balochi Muslim dissident Ashraf Sherjan, who is presently living in Germany,  proclaimed: “Many times friends have been asking me as a Muslim, how come you support Israel? So I have my answer but I have been asking them the same question by asking them to give me a few good reasons why to hate Israel. And they don’t have answers.”

“I stand with Israel because Israel is the only country in the Middle East which is fully democratic,” he declared. “It is just a tiny land where people from all religions no matter if you are a Muslim, a Jew, a Christian or coming from any other religion, you have full equal rights in Israel.”

Ashraf noted that the Israelis don’t wage terror attacks: “I have not seen any Israeli taking a knife and stabbing other Muslims or other peoples. I have never seen any Israeli driving a truck and killing innocent people. I have not seen any Israel blowing up churches or mosques. So, why should I hate Israel?”

“The people of Israel are peaceful people,” Ashraf stated. “The people of Israel love humans. The only issue is that Israel doesn’t lack terrorists. It is the same issue with every country. No one lacks terrorists. Neither I lack terrorists nor do you lack terrorists! I have done much research on Israel. With the time, I got many friends from Israel. Then, fellow Muslims show me that I am a Muslim and they must hate me but no.  That’s not true. The truth is that the people of Israel are loveable peaceful people.”  

Many people have asked Ashraf if he was scared to make pro-Israel videos.  His reply is as follows: “Even without supporting Israel, by being a Baloch activist, Pakistan and Iran wants me dead. Given that, it is better to stand up for the truth.”