The Czech Republic’s top diplomat defended Israel and said no country in the world would accept ongoing attempt to infiltrate its borders.

Martin Stropnický

Martin Stropnický Photo credit: Aaron Hostutler, Wikimedia Commons

Czech Foreign Minister Martin Stropnický said on Thursday that Hamas is solely responsible for the death of Palestinians on the Israel-Gaza border – a rare expression of support for Israel from a top European official.

In a statement published on Thursday, Stropnický said Hamas is “the only true ruler of the Gaza Strip” and therefore “is fully responsible for the violent incidents that occurred on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip over the past weeks.”

“Hamas is labeled as a terrorist organization by the European Union and does not recognize the State of Israel,” Stropnický added. “Its attempts to cross the border into Israel’s territory can be viewed as terrorism. No country would tolerate such acts of provocation.”

Stropnický added that he sees no connection between the violent riots on the border and the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “The conflict in the Middle East has existed for many years and Hamas was using this event,” he said.

“Hamas doesn’t care about the citizens of the Strip or improving their living conditions,” he concluded. “Its main focus is getting as much attention as possible from the international community and influencing its opinion.”