Shaul Mofaz, who served as Israel’s Defense Minister for four years following his role as the IDF chief of staff, said today that John Bolton tried to get Israel to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. Mofaz mentioned Bolton as he participated in a panel that included three other former IDF chiefs of staff.

Shaul Mofaz

Shaul Mofaz Photo Credit: Flash 90

Former IDF Chief of Staff and Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz revealed on Sunday that US President Donald Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser tried to persuade Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear sites.

“I know John Bolton from when he was the American envoy to the UN,” Mofaz said at a Yedioth Ahronoth conference. “He tried to convince me that Israel should attack Iran.” Mofaz was participating in a panel discussion that included three other former IDF chiefs of staff, Moshe Ya’alon, Benny Gantz and Dan Halutz.

“The Iranian threat is a significant threat to Israel’s security,” Mofaz added. “It’s impossible to ensure the future of the children of Israel if Iran has a nuclear weapon.”

Gantz, Halutz and Ya’alon also commented on Iran’s efforts to develop a nuclear weapon and expressed concerns. “Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon, which, in its view, will give it strategic immunity. The world needs to make sure that it will not reach its goal,” Gantz stated.

However, despite their concerns, all four former chiefs of staff said that they are against canceling the nuclear deal signed by Tehran and six world powers.