As the Jewish High Holidays approach, the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau stressed the existing travel warnings and warned that terrorist groups will likely try to target Israelis and Jewish people aboard. There are currently 44 travel warnings in place for Israelis.


Sinai Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

On Monday, the Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau emphasized the existing travel warnings for Israelis and warned that terrorists will likely try to carry out attacks against Israeli and Jewish targets during this upcoming High Holiday season.

The bureau stressed that its statement is not about new traveling warnings but rather an attempt to inform the public of “the updated situation,” which is based on intelligence that indicates a “real threat.” Out of the 194 countries in the world, 44 are currently under travel warnings for Israelis. Six of them are defined by Israeli law as enemy states.

In regard to ISIS, the bureau warned that the murderous terrorist group is still highly motivated to carry out terror attacks against Jewish targets. The main concern is regarding the states in the Middle East near the areas where the fight against ISIS is taking place- Turkey, Jordan and Egypt. The bureau emphasized that the threat is significant “due to the survival war ISIS is conducting in Syria and Iraq against the coalition of Western states led by the US.”

In addition, the bureau stressed that Israelis should remain vigilant when in crowded places abroad, especially paying attention to suspicious people or conduct. Regarding the Sinai Peninsula, which is a popular destination for Israelis during the holiday season, the bureau said: “The serious threat about terror attacks targeting tourists, especially Israelis, in Sinai and Egypt in general continues. The Israeli Counter-Terrorism Bureau’s travel warning for Sinai remains at the most serious threat level.”