The fate of Zimbabwe is still unclear following the military coup Wednesday morning. Due to the political limbo, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry has recommended that Israeli citizens refrain from traveling to the country.

Soldiers in the streets of Zimbabwe's capital

Soldiers in the streets of Zimbabwe’s capital Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Due to the military takeover of Zimbabwe, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry recommended Wednesday that Israelis avoid traveling to the African country. The ministry also urged Israelis who are already in Zimbabwe to remain indoors until the political situation in the country becomes clearer.

Zimbabwe has been in political limbo since the army took control of the government institutions yesterday morning, placing President Robert Mugabe under house arrest.

Mugabe was elected as the first Zimbabwean prime minister in 1980. Seven years later, he became Zimbabwe’s president and the prime minister role was abolished. Mugabe, a former teacher, was considered the only person capable of uniting the country after years of civil war. However, he ended up becoming a tyrant. His rule has been associated with murder, torture, the persecution of opposition leaders and intimidation.