On Wednesday afternoon, an Israeli aid delegation left Israel in order to assist the Mexican authorities after the powerful earthquake that struck the country, claiming the lives of at least 225 people.

Watch: The Israeli delegation leaving Israel for Mexico

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More than 225 people were killed by the powerful earthquake that shook Mexico Tuesday and the local authorities are afraid that the death toll will rise as the search and rescue operations continue. Yesterday afternoon, an Israeli aid delegation headed to Mexico in order to help with the rescue missions.  

The delegation is made up of about 70 IDF soldiers and officers, most of whom are reservists, from the military’s Home Front Command and Israeli Air Force. The delegation includes engineering experts, who will help estimate the damage caused by the earthquake and assist the local forces in the rescue operations.

Mexico, after the earthquake

Mexico, after the earthquake Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

More than half of those killed by the earthquake were in Mexico City, the country’s capital. The earthquake occurred less than two weeks after the powerful earthquake that claimed the lives of almost 100 people in the country.