Attorney Orit Kopel from Israel, along with other human rights activists from around the world, launched a campaign to tell North Korean citizens the truth about their regime and leader.

Attorney Orit Kopel

Attorney Orit Kopel Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

Kim Jong-un, North Korea‘s capricious dictator has been concerning many especially in light of his country’s nuclear and military capabilities and his unpredictable leadership. The human rights violations in his country have also been concerning various states and organizations. Earlier this week, human rights activists arrived in South Korea, North Korea’s democratic neighbor, to prepare for the collapse of Kim’s dictatorship. Among the human rights activists was an Israeli woman, who took part in launching a secret propaganda operation that included sending messages to N. Korea’s citizens using a balloon. The balloon contained information regarding the regime’s actions.

Orit Kopel is an Israeli attorney who lives in London and specializes in human rights. She joined the humanitarian activities against Kim and his regime thanks to Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. She was appointed CEO of the Jimmy Wales Foundation for Freedom of Expression and joined other activists in launching the fight against the oppression of the North Korean people.

On Wednesday, after holding a press conference in Seoul, in which they warned against the gruesome actions taken by the regime and called upon South Korea to act against it, the activists arrived at the Korean Demilitarized Zone and used a method that has become popular among activists recently: they released a balloon containing propaganda leaflets. “When was the last time you got to convey a message to North Korean citizens using undermining methods?” Kopel wrote on the social media yesterday.

The activists stressed that the purpose of their visit was not only to address the N. Korean citizens, but also to raise awareness among politicians and civilians in the neighboring South Korea. “S. Korea needs to be prepared for a scenario in which the northern regime collapses,” they stated at the press conference. They are trying to promote a bill in the parliament in Seoul named “The North Korean Human Rights Bill.”

They noted that S. Korean is one of the only states that do not condemn the serious human rights condition in N. Korea, in order “not to offend the dictator.”