Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accompanied by 130 businesspeople from over a hundred Israeli companies, flew to India last night for a historic visit. During the trip, several bilateral agreements will be signed.

Netanyahu and his wife

Netanyahu and his wife Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, left Israel for India on Saturday night, accompanied by 130 businesspeople from over a hundred Israeli companies. The six-day visit marks a quarter century of bilateral relations.

Six months ago, Narendra Modi became the first sitting Indian prime minister to visit Israel. Netanyahu’s trip to India is the first by an Israeli prime minister in over a decade. Netanyahu said before his departure that he will sign several agreements with his Indian counterpart over the course of the trip.  

“I will meet there with the prime minister, my friend Narendra Modi, the president of India and many other leaders,” Netanyahu said on the tarmac. “We will strengthen the connection between Israel and this important global power. This aids us in security, economy, trade, tourism and many other fields. This is a great blessing for the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu also commented on the terror tunnel that the IDF destroyed late Saturday night. “There are those who say that the IDF is attacking dunes of sand. That is not true,” he said. “We are responding to the attacks against the State of Israel…Hamas needs to understand that we will not tolerate the continuation of these attacks and we will respond with even more strength.”