In the midst of 2014’s Operation Protective Edge, at a time when Israel was undergoing international pressure for a cease fire, Netanyahu warned French media that if France doesn’t stand with Israel and fight terrorism, “This terror plage will come to France.” Watch the interview.

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In wake of the terror attack in Nice, a clip has resurfaced from an August 7th, 2014 interview that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to the French media, in which he warned France about the wave of terror that would come to their country in the future.

“It’s not Israel’s battle. It’s your battle, it’s the battle of France,” said Netanyahu in the interview that took place during Operation Protective Edge. “It’s the same battle. If they succeed here, if Israel is the one that’s blamed here and not the terrorists, if we don’t stand together, then this terror plague will come to you. It’s just a question of time.”

“It’s already on the move. It’s on its way to you,” the Prime Minister warned. “If it’s seen as successful, if they can target democratic societies, get them blamed, get them to break their solidarity and what they know is the moral case that Israel is making, then it will encourage them to move from one step at a time. It’s right now across your waters. It’s already in North Africa.”