Amid political scandal, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left Israel Friday to attend the Munich Security Conference. Netanyahu is set to discuss the Iranian threat and its presence in Syria.

Netanyahu speaks at a conference in Jerusalem

Netanyahu speaks at a conference in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

On Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off from Ben Gurion Airport to attend the Munich Security Conference. In a press release, Netanyahu stated that he will address the international community and present evidence of the Iranian threat.

Netanyahu plans to reveal evidence from the incident in Northern Israel last week in which the Israeli Air Force shot down an Iranian drone that had infiltrated Israeli airspace. Israel then retaliated by taking out 12 Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria. He will address the conference as the first sitting Israeli prime minister to attend the Munich Security Conference.

He is anticipated to elaborate on the Iranian attempt to infiltrate Syria and entrench itself in the Arab country. This is an issue that Netanyahu has made a priority and is encouraging the Western and international community to acknowledge and work to prevent.

Netanyahu’s trip to Germany comes a few days after a serious political scandal involving him made headlines in Israel and around the world. Earlier this week, the Israel Police submitted its recommendation to the Attorney General after completing two graft investigations, suggesting that Netanyahu be indicted on corruption charges such as bribery and fraud.