Today, US President Donald Trump called Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and told him that he intends to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem. Trump also spoke with the Israeli and Jordanian leaders.

Trump called Abbas

Trump called Abbas Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In light of the Palestinian anger over US President Donald Trump’s expected recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas spoke with Trump. According to AFP news agency, a source claimed that Trump was the one who called the Palestinian leader. The US president also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jordanian King Abdullah.


According to Abbas’s office, Trump stated that the US intends to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem. Abbas warned Trump of the consequences of such a move on the peace process and the region’s stability. In addition, Abbas claimed that he wouldn’t accept a Palestinian state without East Jerusalem as its capital. Senior-level Palestinian officials claimed that Abbas will continue to speak with world leaders to attempt to dissuade Trump.

During the weekend, Palestinian officials warned the Trump administration that a formal American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would “terminate” the chance for peace negotiations. Earlier today, Trump postposed the decision to transfer the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Hamas also sent a warning to the White House, saying that if Trump indeed declares Jerusalem Israel’s capital, there will be immediate consequences on the ground.