Trump: Jerusalem recognition was likely most memorable event of first year in office

US President Donald Trump stressed in a recent interview with an Israeli newspaper that his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was likely the most memorable event of his first year in office. “The capital, having Jerusalem be your great capital, was a very important thing to a lot of people,” Trump told Israel Hayom’s Boaz Bismuth.

Trump and Israeli PM Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Richter/TPS

US President Donald Trump said in a recent interview with an Israeli newspaper that one of his goals for his first year in office was recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and preparing to move the American embassy to the city. Speaking to Israel Hayom’s Boaz Bismuth, Trump explained that he was under pressure not to make the announcement but decided to follow through with his campaign promise.

“I can understand why many other presidents bailed on their promise because tremendous pressure was put on them not to do it,” he stated. “The other presidents, all of them have failed in the promise even though they made it as a campaign promise but I understand it because I will tell you, the lobbying against it was tremendous.”

Trump also explained without hesitation that the most memorable event from his first year in office was most likely his recognition of Jerusalem. “I think Jerusalem was a very big point. And I think it was a very important point. The capital, having Jerusalem be your great capital, was a very important thing to a lot of people,” he said. “I have been thanked and in some cases not thanked, to be 100% honest about it. But it was a very important pledge that I made and I fulfilled my pledge.”

Trump was interviewed by Bismuth a few days after his first State of the Union address. The full interview with be released by the Israeli newspaper on Sunday.

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