This year’s pilgrimage to Uman has begun. 37,000 Jewish people are expected to gather in the Ukrainian city for the Rosh Hashanah events. Ukrainian and Israeli security forces are working together in order to ensure the Jewish pilgrims’ safety.

Jewish worshipers in Uman

Jewish worshipers in Uman Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

About 37,000 Jewish people from Israel and around the world are currently on their way to Uman for the annual Rosh Hashanah gathering at the burial site of Rabbi Nachman, founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement. Every year, the number of Jewish pilgrims increases. The events in the Ukrainian city are conducted under tight security with the cooperation of security forces from Israel and Ukraine.

Thousands of Ukrainian police officers are expected to be among the Jewish worshipers in order to ensure their safety. The Israel Police, Mossad and Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry officials in Kiev are working with the Ukrainian authorities to make sure that the gathering is held without incident. The Israeli consulate in Kiev even plans to open a special center that will be in charge of helping the thousands of Jewish visitors with every problem they encounter- from passport issues to assistance during an emergency situation.

As part of the various security measures, the Israel Police selected certain pilgrims coming from Israel and trained them for handling an emergency situation so that they could help others during such an incident. Those selected have special forces experience. Israeli emergency services such as Magen David Adom and ZAKA even sent representatives to Uman ahead of the mass gathering.