The celebration of the sixth night of Hanukkah turned into a nightmare for an Israeli family in Brooklyn. The family’s Hanukkah menorah set fire to the home at around 2:30 AM, killing the mother and three of her six children. Three of the family members, the father and two of his children, remain in critical condition.

The fire

The fire Photo Credit: William C. Lopez/Israel News Company

Hundreds of people gathered on Monday evening to remember the four Azan family members who were killed in a tragic fire in their home in Brooklyn during the Jewish Festival of Lights. According to the local fire services, the blaze was triggered by the family’s Hanukkah menorah, which was left unattended on the first floor of their home near a window on the sixth night of the holiday.  

The mourners gathered outside the Sheves Achim synagogue in Flatbush, surrounding the cars that were carrying the four coffins. The family members’ bodies were then transported to an airport because they will be buried in Israel.

The Azan family in Israel

The Azan family in Israel Photo Credit: Facebook

The fire was reported at about 2:30 AM early Monday morning, when parents Yosef and Aliza Azan, their six children and nephew were asleep in the house. Aliza (39), Moshe (11), Yitzah (7) and Henrietta (3) perished in the fire. The father and two other children are still in critical condition.

“Tragedy strikes at this time of year, and as I’ve said before, this time of year makes it that much sadder,” FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro explained. “Four people died here, a mom and three children. The father, who acted very courageously, got two teenagers out safely.”