The owner of a new bakery in Amsterdam, which he called Anne & Frank, was forced to change the name of his business after a barrage of criticism on social networking sites, where he was accused of using the Jewish girl’s name to attract customers.

“Anne Frank is a hero for many people and since my business is located in the vicinity of the Anne Frank House, I thought it was a very nice and, of course, world-famous name,” said owner Roberto to local Amsterdam TV, AT5.

The owner, who kept his surname anonymous, he chose to call her Anne & Frank “no harm done” and said that, given what the girl had to go through, naming her bakery “a nice tribute”. He announced that he would remove the name right away.

The bakery is located near the secret hidoeut, where Frank’s Jewish family hid during World War II; where the Anne wrote her now famous diary.

President of Iran Hassan Rouhani russia
President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rohani. (Wikimedia)

As for the nuclear deal, he said it was “created to provide solutions to the economic situation”. Parliamentarians have asked Rohani why he did not adopt reforms in the financial crisis and in the foreign exchange market over the three years he had since the signing of the nuclear deal.

Rouhani replied that he appointed a new director for the central bank indicating that he accepts that a comprehensive change is necessary. This is the first time that Rohani, elected in 2013, received such a summons to the parliament..

Earlier this week the government decided to disposeĀ  the Minister of Economy and Trade, Masoud Karabasian, by a majority of 137 to 121. Earlier this month, Iranian lawmakers fired the Labor Minister, and last month President Rohani replaced the head of the central bank.