A young kippah-wearing teen was attacked by a Muslim man in Berlin on Tuesday. The attacker whipped him with a belt while shouting “Yahudi” (Arabic for Jew). Local police are investigating the attack, which was recorded by the victim.

The attacker

The attacker Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot

A young Muslim attacked a teen who was wearing a kippah in Berlin on Tuesday. In footage uploaded to Facebook by the victim, the Muslim attacker is seen whipping the teen with a belt while shouting “Yahudi” (Arabic for Jew).

A passerby eventually stopped the attack by coming between the attacker and the victim. The local police department has launched an investigation into the attack.

The victim, Adam Armush, told Kan News’ correspondent in Europe that a group of three men were cursing at him and his friend from across the street. He said that they initially did not pay any attention to them but eventually his friend asked them to stop. “That’s when they got angry,” he explained. “One of them ran at me. I immediately knew that it was important to film because I didn’t feel that it was possible to contain him until the police arrive.”

Watch: The attack filmed by Armush

The Jewish community in Berlin denounced the attack and said that it proves that the streets of the city are not safe for Jewish people.