This week, French right wing political leader Marine Le Pen wreaked havoc when she called to prohibit wearing kippahs. She claimed that this would create equality, mentioning the country’s prohibition of wearing veils and hijabs in the public domain. The French Jewish community harshly condemned Le Pen and her remarks.

Le Pen: “I am not anti-Muslim

Le Pen: “I am not anti-Muslim” Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

French right wing political leader Marine Le Pen stated that she wishes to ban kippah-wearing within France. In the past, Le Pen has voiced her opinion against Muslim head coverings such as the hijab. However, this is the first time that she has addressed the Jewish skullcap. “It is clear that if a veil is prohibited, then the kippah should also be prohibited within the public domain,” Le Pen stated. “Head coverings should be banned in stores, on public transportation and in the streets.”

“It is clear that kippahs are not the issue within our country. But for the sake of equality, they should be prohibited,” Le Pen added. “If I requested to ban solely Muslim attire, people would slam me for hating Muslims.” As anticipated, the French Jewish community furiously responded to her statement while senior level rabbis called Le Pen despicable.

“The situation in the country has changed. In the past, there was a gentle balance between the religions,” said Le Pen. “However, the massive immigration changed that.” According to Le Pen, veils and hijabs put people in a “pressure cooker” and create anxiety.