A report published by the Israeli Health Ministry  revealed that cancer is the leading cause of death in Israel. The list also included heart diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and kidney diseases.

The encouraging news emerging from the Israeli Health Ministry report is that a decrease has been recorded over the last decade in the rate of deaths with regards to most of the leading causes of death in Israel.

According to the report, cancer is the leading cause of death amongst women aged 25-74 and amongst men over the age of 25. Heart diseases lead the count amongst women over the age of 75, while the leading cause of death amongst boys and girls aged 15-24 is accidents.

Amongst 0 to 4-year-olds, the leading causes of death include perinatal reasons and birth defects, with cancer and accidents only coming later in the ranking. In the ages of 5-14, accidents and cancer lead the count.

The leading causes of death amongst 15 to 24-year-old boys are accidents, suicide, murder and cancer, in descending order. Accidents also lead the count amongst girls of this age, followed by cancer.

Heart diseases and diabetes are the second and third most common causes of death for men and women aged 45-74, following cancer. Next in line come accidents and suicides for men, and cerebrovascular diseases and lower respiratory tract diseases for women.

Kidney diseases and diabetes appear in the fourth and fifth places in the ranking for men over 75, while diabetes and blood diseases are the fourth and fifth most common causes of death for women of the same age.