After the IDF military court judges recommended Elor Azaria’s defense team meet with the IDF prosecution in mediation, grave differences between the two parties became evident and no mutual agreement was reached. As a result, Elor Azaria’s fate lies in the judges’ hands who will rule in court.

Elor Azaria

Elor Azaria Photo Credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

No agreement was reached between IDF Chief Military Prosecutor Colonel Sharon Zagagi-Pinhas and Elor Azaria’s defense attorney Yoram Sheftel, who met today (Monday) for judge-recommended mediation ahead of Azaria’s appeal hearing. Therefore, the judges will rule on Azaria’s appeal in court.

The gaps between the two sides are still fundamentally significant, and during mediation it was clear that reaching an agreeable solution would be impossible, which the sides reported to the military courts.

“I received a short letter with a few lines stating I was invited this Monday at 7 PM to talk with the chief prosecutor, in the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Nadav Weisman,” said Sheftel prior to the meeting. “In court, we agreed to the process [mediation], but the one who refused was the military prosecutor, attorney Lt. Col. Weisman. We are happy that they also received an offer.”


Yoram Sheftel

Yoram Sheftel Photo Credit: Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Azaria’s case of appeal was opened early May, four months after the verdict. “Although we are two defense attorneys fighting for the innocence of a Jewish soldiers,” Sheftal said. “There are millions of attorneys who are praying for the safety and innocence of the soldier Elor Azaria.”