It is a Jewish tradition for people to refrain from eating bread or any leavened products on the holiday of Passover. Not having a slice of pizza or a sandwich for 8 days can be quite frustrating.

Not to worry! Take some inspiration from a non-kosher delicatessen in New Jersey that replaces two pieces of bread for a sandwich with pickles.

At Elsie’s restaurant in Hadon, NJ a gigantic homemade pickle is cut in half to replace the bread used in a traditional sandwich. Elsie’s has a ‘build your own’ menu so the customer can choose what type of meats, cheeses, and toppings they want.

Since it opened last February, it has attracted a lot of attention – first at the local level and now around the world.

‘’We are a sandwich shop but in lieu of bread, we use our Elsie signature pickle, or you can have any of our sandwiches constructed on a cucumber roll-up” said owner Katherine Cohen to Thrillist.