After Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan demanded that he condemn terrorist Leila Khaled’s parliament address, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani presented a proposal banning all terrorists from appearing in front of the body. The proposal was unanimously endorsed by the members.

Watch: Terrorist Leila Khaled addresses the European Parliament earlier this year

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The European Parliament has unanimously endorsed a resolution systematically banning members of organizations that are recognized as terrorist groups from addressing the body. The proposal was put forward by European Parliament President Antonio Tajani.

The decision came after Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan demanded that Tajani condemn Palestinian terrorist Leila Khaled’s September appearance in front of the European body. Khaled used the stage to incite to violence and call for a boycott against Israel. “Khaled’s appearance at the European Parliament is a stain on the entire [European] Union,” Erdan stated.

Leila Khaled

Leila Khaled Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Erdan welcomed Tajani’s proposal and the sweeping support it received. “I’m pleased that he positively responded to my request and composed a resolution that will ban the speeches of evil terrorists from the parliament’s institutions in the future,” he said. “It was once again proven that the people who are associated with the delegitimization [of Israel] are often the people who also want the physical annihilation of the State of Israel, just like terrorist Khaled.”

Tajani said in his response to Erdan that he has reminded all the parliament members and Secretariat of the European Parliament members that terrorists are not to be invited to the parliament and that no events showing support for terrorists will be allowed to take place.

In his letter to Tajani, the Israeli minister wrote that inviting terrorists to address the parliament “will likely encourage and legitimize terrorist attacks.” Erdan asked Tajani to unequivocally denounce the decision to welcome Khaled. He said that he knows for a fact that there is a connection between the incitement against Israel and the decisions made by lone wolf terrorists to target Israeli citizens.