The Iranian envoy to the UK warned Wednesday that “there will be no deal without the US.” He also said that without a deal in place, Iran would be “ready to go back to the previous situation.”

Iran deal parties in 2015

Iran deal parties in 2015 Photo Credit: US Department of State via Flickr

Iran’s Ambassador to the UK Hamid Baeidinejad has warned US President Donald Trump against walking away from the nuclear agreement, formerly known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“When the United States is out of the deal, it means that there is no deal left,” Baeidinejad told CNN reporter Christiane Amanpour in an interview on Wednesday.

“The consequence would be that Iran would in fact be ready to go back to the previous situation,” Baeidinejad added. “It could be enriching uranium, it could be redefining our cooperation with the agency [IAEA], and some other activities that are under consideration.”

In response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reveal of Iran’s nuclear weapons archive, Baeidinejad pointed to the IAEA’s own investigations. “There have been some allegations against conducting of such activities in Iran, but never was there ever any proof presented to Iran,” he said.

May 12 is the date set by Trump by which the US will decide whether to continue with the agreement in its current form. Trump previously expressed his displeasure with the nuclear agreement and called it “the worst deal” the US has ever made and the revelation about the Iranian nuclear weapons archive could give him a fresh argument for withdrawal.