In 2008, the world was shocked by Elizabeth Fritzl’s story. She was held captive by her father and sexually abused for 24 years. In a new documentary, Elizabeth’s first words after being freed are published.

Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

For 24 years, Elizabeth Fritzl was held captive by her father Josef, who raped her over 3,000 times, as a result of which she gave birth to 7 of his children. Now, 9 years after her release, what she told the investigators about her horrors is revealed for the first time. “No one will believe me,” were her first words.

Austrian investigator Willibald Reitner, one of the first people to talk to Elizabeth after being freed from her father, reveals the dramatic moments in an interview for British Channel 5 documentary. Reitner explained that during their conversations, now 52-year-old Elizabeth wouldn’t call her father by his name or ‘dad’, but would refer to Josef Fritzl as ‘him’.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Elizabeth was afraid that the world would adopt her father’s version and said that she was willing to talk only if they promised her that she would never have to see him again. Now 82 years old, Fritzl was sentenced to life in prison in 2009, after admitting to raping his daughter repeatedly. 

Photo credit: AP/ Channel 2 News

Elizabeth’s nightmare ended in April 2008, when one of her daughter, 19-year-old Kerstin became very sick and she managed to convince her father that without medical care, their daughter would die.

Dr. Heidi Kastner, a psychiatrist who interviewed Fritzl and participated in the documentary, described how he was ‘born to rape.’