​The Israeli government on Wednesday approved a temporary order for three months or until the COVID-19-related state of emergency ends, that the Health Ministry will be authorized to disclose information on people who have yet to be vaccinated to Local Authorities. They also will be reported to the director-general of the Ministry of Education and to elements within the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services that operate treatment centers.

According to the law, the information will be transferred to local authorities subject to an active request and the presentation of a vaccination plan. A body that receives the authorization of the director general of the Ministry of Health will be given the names, ID numbers, addresses and phone numbers of citizens who can get inoculated but have yet to do so. As for citizens who were given the first dose of the corona vaccine but missed their appointment to receive the second jab, the bodies will receive the date on which the first dose was administered.

To limit the invasion of privacy and to prevent the misuse of the information, the law states that the information will be used solely for the purpose of encouraging people to get vaccinated. The information will be expunged after it is used and no later than 60 days after it is received.